Benefits For Franchisee

  • Guaranteed Return on investments.
  • Breakeven in less than one year
  • Business with peace of mind
  • Fresh Food directly converts to bigger profits.
  • Multi point earning channels via: Retail sales, Birthday, Kitty, Anniversaries, Wedding and College Events, Exhibitions & Online deliveries.
  • Finding Good store location for continously recruiting new franchises.

Requirement for store Set-Up

  • Space required 300 to 400sq.feet.
  • Franchisee Period: 5 years.
  • Area and Locality: Ground floor aand premium locality, good malls with high foot falls
  • Interiors: Different theme, lively and cozy ambience with music and live streaming and gaming.
  • Value add-ons: Free wi-fi, charging points, live cricket streaming, good music.